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Vampire Facial—Asheville, NC

Turn Back the Clock

As the years go by, it’s common for the skin in our faces to not only develop wrinkles, but also lose its youthful glow, which can make someone look more aged and tired than they feel on the inside. Rather than fixing these problems with plastic surgery, Dr. Pinkston can offer an effective, non-invasive solution using the Vampire Facial. With it, he can practically turn back the clock so you look younger, healthier, and enjoy renewed confidence every day.

Why Choose Dr. James Pinkston for the Vampire Facial?

What is the Vampire Facial?

woman receiving microneedling

The Vampire Facial uses PRP to improve the overall look of the facial skin to give it a more youthful, smooth, and healthy appearance.

First, a small sample of a patient’s blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to create PRP, which is rich in a variety of growth factors (the use of blood is where the treatment gets its name).

Then, a series of injections is made in various areas of the face (which will be numbed for patient comfort). This provides a stimulus for it to naturally rejuvenate itself, leading to tighter, more vibrant skin.

Who Could Benefit from the Vampire Facial?

attractive older couple

The Vampire Facial can be used to help people who would like to address:

Advantages of the Vampire Facial

older woman talking to doctor

Out of all the cosmetic facial treatments out there, the Vampire Facial offers several advantages:

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