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Regenerative Medicine &
Non-Surgical Orthopedics.

According to the NIH, at least 126 million people in the United States have suffered from some level of pain. In 2018 alone, approximately 20% of adults reportedly suffered from chronic pain (1). Until recent years, these patients have struggled to find solutions for their conditions that don’t involve invasive surgeries and potentially adverse effects. Thankfully, Dr. Pinkston has an alternative.

Regenerative medicine and non-surgical orthopedics are true innovations that can help patients in your area successfully treat conditions in ways that use one’s own body to their advantage. Now, it’s possible to support and promote long-lasting healing that is also 100% natural!

A Whole-Body Approach
to Regenerative Medicine.

From the very first appointment, our nearby patients feel refreshed by Dr. Pinkston’s unique style of care. He believes in focusing on education, comfort, and honesty, with no overblown sales pitches in sight. He’s also been fortunate to train under some of the top leaders in the fields of medical acupuncture, ultrasound-guided injections, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment , and other related specialties. Today, he goes above and beyond to diagnose symptoms of pain at their source instead of simply treating them at the surface, taking each person’s entire well-being into account every step of the way.

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Asheville neuromusculoskeletal physician James Pinkston D O
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A Winning Team
You Can Trust

Our team’s primary goal is to make your life easy as Dr. Pinkston does everything he can to help you look and feel better. Our staff has several years of administrative experience and is also medically trained, so scheduling, checking in, and getting answers to your questions will always be a breeze. Plus, they can help you organize your financial options so that paying for the services you need never causes any stress.

Meet The Team
Top Rated Non Surgical Orthopedic Doctor
5- Star Experience Read More Reviews

"Exceptional experience. Dr. Pinkston actually took the time to do a full examination and answer all of my questions. I left feeling like I actually learned something instead of walking away with more questions (an experience I often have with many doctors). Miles better than my experience with practitioners at EmergeOrtho. Would highly recommend to anyone suffering from chronic physical pain "

Michael Kamback
Top Rated Non Surgical Orthopedic Doctor
5- Star Experience Read More Reviews

" The care I received from Dr. Pinkston regarding my knee was the most thorough experience I have had with any Doctor. After having some negative experiences elsewhere, he addressed my condition with great attention to detail and helped me to fine tune how I may best make progress towards restoring my health. I highly recommend his practice."

C Roueche
Top Rated Non Surgical Orthopedic Doctor
5- Star Experience Read More Reviews

"Dr. Pinkston is a breath of fresh air in the Orthopedic world. Other doctors and chiros I have seen have had no time for discussion or providing the most basic of information. Dr. Pinkston takes the time to listen, explain and provide exceptional care. I highly recommend his services and care."

Rich Slingsby
Top Rated Non Surgical Orthopedic Doctor
5- Star Experience Read More Reviews

"I received bone marrow/mesenchymal stem cell treatment on both of my knees, and it's been quite amazing. For several weeks after, I experienced the sensation similar to the feeling the day after a leg workout, and I felt my the tissues around my knees getting stronger. Dr. Pinkston was excellent, and I'm looking to get the bone marrow treatment in my shoulders next! I highly recommend this procedure and Asheville Non-Surgical Orthopedics."

Thomas Drake
Top Rated Non Surgical Orthopedic Doctor
5- Star Experience Read More Reviews

"This place has been terrific! I went in to get stem cells on my shoulder for a rotator cuff injury and within a week my pain has drastically decreased and I'm back to working out. Dr Pinkston is very knowledge and like me stays active so he knows about athletic related injuries. I will definitely be seeing him again in the future for more procedures."

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Common Questions About
Non-Surgical Orthopedic and
Regenerative Medicine

What are stem cells?

When it comes to stem cell treatments , there are a few different varieties. Mesenchymal stem cells are found in certain biologic material that is used in regenerative medicine, namely adipose and bone marrow. We refer to these treatments as biologic cell therapy. There are many clinics claiming to treat patients with stem cells, but if they are not being harvested from these sources they are not truly stem cells.

Do you use stem cells from human embryos?

Absolutely not. Some describe products that are obtained from amniotic or umbilical sources as stem cells. These products may be helpful in some cases but they are not stem cells and should not be described as such, as there are no viable cells that survive the cryopreservation and subsequent thawing. All of the cells our office near Oakley uses for treatment purposes come directly from a patient’s own body fat and/or bone marrow.

Do you use ultrasound to guide musculoskeletal injections?

Yes! With ultrasound, patients won’t have to worry about “blind” injections. Dr. Pinkston can see exactly where the needle is beneath the skin and ensure that the substance, he’s injecting reaches the intended target. This leads to much more predictable treatment outcomes – no guesswork required.

Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) better than prolotherapy?

It depends! While both Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and prolotherapy have the same end goal in mind for patients (a life free of chronic pain), they work in different ways. They also have different price points, so the right choice for one patient may not be feasible for another. Dr. Pinkston will be happy to help you choose the right approach.

Does regenerative medicine restore full mobility/function?

Regenerative medicine is an exciting and quickly growing field of study. Stem cell treatments show promise for musculoskeletal applications as an alternative to invasive surgical techniques. To learn more about what kinds of results are feasible or expected for your specific condition, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Pinkston.

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Finding Our Office in Asheville

Conveniently located near Highway 25, you’ll find our office at 675 Biltmore Avenue Suite F in Asheville. Of course, we’re happy to welcome patients from all over the area, including those looking for a Neuromusculoskeletal Physician near the River Arts District. You’ll see several familiar places around our office, including Natural You Health Spa of Asheville, Lenny’s Grill and Subs, and Cedar Crest Inn. If you’d like step-by-step instructions on how to find us, you can also click on the map!

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