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Neck Pain—Asheville, NC

Live Free of Chronic Neck Pain

A lot of annoying experiences are described as a “pain in the neck,” but for many people, literal neck pain is an everyday problem that affects their life in several ways. If you’re tired of your neck pain constantly getting in the way, then Dr. James Pinkston is ready to help you like he has so many others. With proven, non-invasive methods, he can determine the source of your problem and aid in your body’s natural healing process so that you feel better, function better, and enjoy complete relief for years to come. 

What Causes Neck Pain?

woman experiencing neck pain while using laptop on couch

Neck pain can stem from many different factors, such as poor posture, an injury, or a chronic condition like osteoarthritis. Even low-speed car accidents can cause whiplash that strains the muscles and tendons, and sleeping in the wrong position can lead to continuous tension. A primary cause of neck pain for people under 40 is strain that stems from looking down at screens or sitting with the head too far forward for several hours a day.

What Are the Symptoms of Neck Pain?

man in workout shirt holding neck

Not all neck pain is the same. For some, it can manifest as a dull and persistent ache that follows them throughout the day. Some people wake up feeling fine, but their neck slowly becomes more stiff and painful as time goes on. A neck that otherwise functions normally may experience a sharp sensation when moved a certain way. Headaches can often stem from neck pain as well, as tension in the muscles can easily radiate upward. If there is an issue with a nerve, a person may even have tingling or numbness that travels down into the shoulders and arms.

How is Neck Pain Treated?

woman holding the back of her neck

Because the neck is such a sensitive area, the first line of treatment is usually very conservative, so it may involve the patient taking anti-inflammatory medication and/or undergoing medical acupuncture or osteopathic manipulative treatment (OST).

If these measures don’t help, the next stage is injectable treatments like steroids and nerve blocks to kickstart healing and immediately stop the pain respectively. For patients who need stronger treatment, Dr. Pinkston can provide PRP therapy, prolotherapy, or biologic cell therapy, which stimulate and focus the body’s healing ability right where it’s needed to resolve the root cause of the neck pain. 

Start Feeling Better Today

woman waking up and happily stretching

Usually, long-term neck pain does not resolve on its own, and in fact tends to get worse over time without treatment. If you’re ready to stop having to work through the pain or constantly take medication to function day-to-day, contact Asheville Non-Surgical Orthopedics to get the long-term relief you deserve. To learn more about your options and schedule an appointment.

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