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PRP Hair Restoration - Asheville, NC

More Hair the Easy Way

Hair loss affects millions of men and women, draining their confidence and causing them to spend just a little extra time in the mirror to ensure that each follicle is in the perfect spot. While there is a multitude of hair loss treatments out there today, most don’t work, are extremely expensive, or even involve surgery. But with PRP Hair Restoration, Dr. James Pinkston can help you keep the hair you have and make it appear thicker using a painless procedure that only takes about an hour.

Why Choose Dr. James Pinkston for PRP Hair Restoration?

How It Works

man getting PRP injected into scalp

The key to PRP Hair Restoration is PRP, platelet-rich plasma. This is a substance derived from a small sample of your own blood after it has been spun in a centrifuge. The result is that the PRP, which contains a high concentration of several growth factors, separates from the plasma.

Dr. Pinkston can then take this PRP and inject it into strategic areas of the scalp where hair loss has occurred. There, it will cause the body to form new tissue and create fresh, healthy blood vessels. Adequate blood flow is essential for hair growth, as it helps the hair follicles get the nutrition they need to stay healthy and strong.

The result is that the hair follicles in the area will become larger, making the hair appear thicker, plus the renewed blood flow will slow down and prevent the additional loss of hair. To the patient (and those around them), it will look as if they’ve regrown hair. Typically, three treatments spaced about 8-12 weeks apart are recommended in order to achieve the best results.

Good Candidates for PRP Hair Restoration

woman receiving PRP Hair Restoration

It’s important to note that PRP Hair Restoration can only be used where the patient still has some hair remaining, as it helps strengthen existing hair follicles. For both men and women, it can help those with visible hair thinning who want to stop it from progressing.

For people who have lost all of their hair in certain areas, this treatment will not help. The PRP essentially acts like a fertilizer for plants—there need to be seeds (living hair follicles) for it to work.

Also, if someone’s hair loss is due to a medical condition, namely an autoimmune disorder, this procedure is not recommended as well.

The Advantages of PRP Hair Restoration

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