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With time comes wisdom, but aging can also lead to the development of sexual health problems as well as aesthetic concerns. These kinds of issues can affect both men and women, but solutions are available, and they don’t have to involve medication, surgery, or “miracle” supplements. Dr. James Pinkston is eager to help you enjoy every moment of your life using any one of the services below, and you can schedule an appointment today to learn more about which one might be just what you need.

Why Choose Dr. James Pinkston for Sexual Wellness & Aesthetics?

PRP Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

confident middle-aged man

Men of all ages struggle with erectile dysfunction, and PRP treatment for ED can offer a simple and effective solution that doesn't involve medication, surgery, or the use of a pump. Just like it can help invigorate the face and hair, PRP can do the same for the penis. It can lead to the development of new, healthy tissue that allows for better blood flow to the area, which will make it easier for a man to achieve and maintain an erection. The treatment involves simply injecting the PRP, during which Dr. Pinkston will do everything he can to keep the patient comfortable.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

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A loss of sensitivity and control in the genital area are a couple of very common problems faced by many women. Whether due to age or childbirth, the tissue of the vagina can become looser and less responsive, and this can not only affect sexual satisfaction, but contribute to incontinence as well. Vaginal rejuvenation (which uses PRP) can help address both of these issues by allowing the tissue of the vagina to rejuvenate through the power of concentrated healing. Growth factors injected into the region can lead to revitalization, causing the area to tighten while also giving a woman more control and security, increasing her pleasure and confidence at the same time.

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PRP Hair Restoration

man receiving PRP hair restoration

Are you losing your hair? While this issue is mostly associated with men, it affects many women, too. Fortunately, PRP can help people not only keep the hair they already have, but potentially grow new hair as well. When it’s injected into the scalp, PRP stimulates the existing hair follicles and helps them create stronger, thicker hair, which can lead to a visible reduction of any thinning or balding areas. Typically, a series of three to four treatments are applied a few weeks apart in order to achieve optimal results, after which a patient will need to receive regular touch-ups every few months.

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PRP Facial

woman about to receive PRP Facial in Asheville

A PRP facial is a method that uses PRP to renew the skin by giving it the fuel to rejuvenate itself. With just a few painless injections using a safe substance created using your own blood, Dr. Pinkston can restore your face’s youthful glow, even out your skin tone, reduce the appearance of scars, and create a smoother, more vibrant overall appearance.

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PRP Breast Lift

Just like facial skin, gravity and time can have negative effects on breast tissue. Common age-related issues include sagging, wrinkles (specifically toward the top or between the breasts), a loss of volume, and a reduction in sensitivity of the nipples (this can also stem from getting implants). The PRP Breast Lift involves injecting PRP into the breast tissue, and the growth factors can cause it to tighten and appear fuller despite the actual size of the breasts remaining the same. This can help get rid of noticeable wrinkles, create an attractive and natural-looking cleavage, and make the nipples more sensitive as well.

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